14 Pictures Showing Brazil’s Uniqueness as an Exceptional Country

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

Located in South America, Brazil is a vibrant and diverse country. It is a country of immense natural beauty, cultural richness, and passionate people, especially towards sports.

This country is, however, much more than these facts. Brazilians give off lots of vibes. They can be funny, resilient, ridiculous, full of fun and beauty, and also kind of weird. The 14 photos below should be all the proof we need to convince you.

Finding a Spiky Solution

Anyone would get tired of having their windows being hit suddenly, out of nowhere. One Brazilian lady got tired of her window being hit by soccer balls, so she found a novel solution—covering her windows with spiky metallic bars. The structure pokes and destroys the balls.


Source: Therewasanattempt/Reddit

There are so many balls on the spikes, it’s safe to say she was really being disturbed. Although no one can stop the kids from playing, they would at least know where not to shoot their balls.

A Creative Space

The mayor of one city in Brazil banned pub tables on the sidewalk. Being good citizens, the people complied. However, they decided to have their way without flouting the rules.


Source: Reddit

To bypass the ordinance, they parked a truck beside the sidewalk and put their pub tables on it. This story and photo teach us there are several ways to get what you want without breaking the rules—just think outside the box.

For the Love of Nature

Brazil has a lot of famous and iconic birds, one of which is the toucan. With their rainbow-colored beak and bright eyes, they are undoubtedly among the world’s most beautiful birds. In the photo below, one of them made its home on a wooden mast.


Source: Pics/Reddit

This wood utility pole that transmits electricity had to be replaced with a concrete mast. The professionals, however, preserved the toucan’s house and attached it to the new mast.

Having Its Day in the Shade

Evidently, phone cases and screen protectors are not the only products used for protecting mobile devices. This Uber driver put a straw hat on his smartphone, and we can only guess why he did it.


Source: Boredpanda/Pinterest

It could be for protecting it from the sun. The straw hat could also be there to make the screen easier to read. Whatever the reason, seeing a phone wearing a hat is pretty comical.

Zero Barbecue Hindrances

Grilling would be almost impossible if you don’t have an open space like a front yard, backyard, or even an open roof. This Brazilian man, however, did not let his lack of patio or balcony deter him from grilling.

Source: aBagofFruitLoops/Imgur

In the photo, he can be seen grilling out of a window on the roof of a building. But that’s not all: if you look closely, you can see the grill is resting on a satellite dish. Well, “dishes” are for cooking, aren’t they?


An Aquatic Gas Station

Seeing a gas station on the water is a novelty to those who do not live around lakes or other bodies of water. Boats, ships, and other water vehicles need gas, too. Even though it looks weird, it has its advantages. Like automobiles, aquatic vehicles can also stop by and fill their gas tanks.

Source: Pinterest

Even though some vessels have a large capacity for fuel, others like jet skis can’t carry much reserve, so a floating gas station is a good thing for them.


A Horse Dressed to Impress

It is common to see some pet owners dressing up their pets. These animals, especially cats and dogs, are often dressed up in adorable little clothes. However, it is an entirely different thing to see a clothed horse.

Source: Boredpanda/Pinterest

This picture brings up lots of questions. Why is the horse clothed? Is it to ward off Brazil’s sunny weather or avoid dirt? Or is it to keep it stylish? Is horse couture a new trend? Whatever it may be, it is definitely funny.


Batman and His Batmobile

Every kid, and even some teens and adults, would love to meet their favorite superhero. Imagine kids’ excitement when they see Batman selling popsicles on a regular summer day in Paraíba, Brazil.

Source: Boredpanda/Reddit

The vendor in this photo has an amusing marketing strategy. And with kids’ love for Batman and popsicles, it is most likely a successful strategy.


A House on Wheels

This photo shows a truck carrying a wooden house in Ribeirão Do Sul. Usually, there are mobile houses, but this one looks different. We can only guess what is going on.

Source: Boredpanda/Pinterest

It’s not clear if it’s a camp home being transported on a truck to another place or an actual wooden house built or mounted on the bed of this pickup truck. Either way, it is a sight to behold.


Public Transportation in Brazil

A lot of Brazilians use public buses to commute from one place to another. Due to this large number, not everyone gets to sit.

Source: Boredpanda/Pinterest

Many people stand until they get to their destination, except if they get lucky, and someone sitting close to them gets off. In this photo, two men can be seen sitting in their own secluded spot above.


Patrolling in Style

Officers of the law can look very intimidating in their complete outfits. This imposing look can command even more authority when they are in their patrol cars or on their motorbikes.

Source: MariaLindaPiazza/Pinterest

In some parts of the world, police use horses and camels, which can give a very authoritarian aura. However, in Brazil, some officers ride water buffalo. This photo is proof of how intimidating they look.


Christmas Time in Brazil

It’s normal to see fig trees in Brazil decorated with lights and lots of ornaments during the Christmas period. However, one store made its own unique tree with bananas. The bananas were arranged to form a very tall tree.

Source: Boredpanda/Reddit

To replicate ornaments, delicious-looking cherry tomatoes were stringed together in clusters and arranged over the tree. Boxes of gifts are then placed beneath the tree—a fantastic idea!


Celebrity Mico Monkey

A lady went to take a picture with a mico monkey, a genus of New World monkeys of the family Callitrichidae. It was quite surprising when the monkey looked like it gave a thumbs up pose.

Source: Boredpanda/Pinterest

The little critter must have been used as a backdrop for many selfies—after watching them for a while, the mico must have learned and mimicked the pose from humans. What an intelligent animal!


Reporting From the Animal Kingdom

This photo looks like a news reporter is interviewing a dog. Although we don’t know and can’t tell what was happening at that moment, it seems like the dog has much to report.

Source: Boredpanda/Pinterest

The dog might have been the key witness to a scene, or it just wants to let everyone know its opinion. No matter what it is, the image is quite funny and confusing.