Sailor and Dog Survive 2 Months on a Ship Lost at Sea by Eating Raw Fish and Drinking Rainwater

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Aug 12, 2023

Ever wondered what would happen if you were ever lost at sea? The mere thought of it is terrifying enough. Looking at the horizon for days on end can put one in a hopeless situation, especially with no form of communication to seek help.

This is the fortunate story of a sailor and his dog found after nearly two months of being lost at sea.

Taking A Trip To French Polynesia

The Australian sailor, Tim Shaddock, and his dog Bella set off on a journey in April. They intended to journey from La Paz, Mexico, to French Polynesia. This was a 3,700-mile trip.


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On the way to their destination, their vessel was caught up n a storm and was heavily damaged, leaving them adrift in the North Pacific. They had no idea they would be lost for quite a while.

The Pair Gets Lost At Sea

Now lost in the middle of nowhere and without a device to communicate and send for help, Tim and Bella utilized their survival skills to keep each other alive until rescue came along.


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They would eat raw fish and depend on the rain for water to stay alive. They also used the boat’s canopy to keep themselves shielded from the sun to prevent sunburn during this time.

A Rescue After Being Lost For Two Months

Two months later, fate smiled at them. Their boat was discovered by a helicopter that escorted a tuna trawler. The pair was discovered off the coast of Mexico.


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When the sailor was found, he was putting on two hats, and his beard had grown out significantly. Thankfully he or his pet companion was not in any form of distress when they were rescued.

Absolutely Nothing To Worry About

According to the sailor’s doctor, Tim’s health is in good condition as his vital signs were good, and there were no major injuries sustained during the ordeal. Bella was also found to be in good health.


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Tim also added with a smile that he was in good health but needed a lot of rest and good food to get back on his feet. This is only fair as he didn’t get a lot of that for two months.