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AOC Comments in Biden Impeachment Hearing Lambasted By Pundits

AOC Rico Comments
source: Wikimedia Commons, Dall-E

What exactly did she say?

Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) commented in President Biden’s Impeachment hearing that “RICO is not a crime.”

RICO, which stands for “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” is an act meant to allow the eradication of organized crime. The crimes themselves maybe more correctly referred to as RICO charges. RICO itself is a law.

This matter of minor semantics did not stop the partisan political engine from churning and giving many conservative talking heads and leaders a sound byte or two for one of their preferred progressive targets in Ocasio-Cortez.

The initial statement isn’t complete inaccurate, but that didn’t stop conservative pundits from leaning into the opportunity perhaps in an attempt to give further attention to the hail mary impeachment hearings, which continue to turn claims against Hunter Biden into more nothing.

Former George State Rep Vernon Jones clarified that people get charged with “RICO charges”, which implies the correct reading of the circumstances; that RICO is not itself a crime. Of course, Jones added colorful language calling out Cortez as “an idiot” and adding that Vice President Kamala Harris “competes with her dumbness” all the while perhaps clarifying that her statement wasn’t wholly incorrect.


The White House meanwhile has urged Congress to move on “This charade is over. The House should be focusing on real issues that actually matter to the American people,”


All in all, a rough day for said impeachment hearings despite headlines and claims to the contrary.


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