Christians Find Out Jesus Was Woke And Are Now In Crisis

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Nov 19, 2023

Russell Moore, a prominent figure within the Southern Baptist Convention, has raised deep concerns regarding the current trajectory of Christianity in the United States.

Moore has voiced apprehensions about what he perceives as a “crisis” within Christianity itself.

Christianity Crisis

In an interview with NPR, he shared his own experiences and anecdotes from various pastors who have encountered challenges due to the impact of the present political climate on their spiritual roles.



The Sermon on the Mount, a revered doctrine from the Gospel of Matthew, has stood as a foundational pillar of Christian moral principles for generations.

Sermon On The Mount

Despite the Sermon on the Mount’s immense inspiration and serving as a foundation for Christianity, it’s still met with opposition.



It has guided Christians toward lives of love, humility, and peace. Yet, in modern times, even this core aspect of the faith is facing skepticism.

"Liberal Talking Points"

Moore highlighted that some individuals are now questioning the authenticity of these teachings and dismissing them as “liberal talking points.” Even when pastors directly quote Christ, their words often encounter doubt.


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Moore expressed, “When the teachings of Jesus himself are perceived as disruptive, it signifies a state of crisis.”

The Teachings Are Essential

Within the Sermon on the Mount are essential elements of Christian doctrine, including the directive to “turn the other cheek” – a clear endorsement of forgiveness.


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Moore cautioned that if these teachings are considered irrelevant, it could lead to a significant shift in the understanding and application of Christianity in the United States.

Spirituality And Religion

Moore pointed out that nearly every aspect of American life has been divided along tribal lines, and this division has extended into the realm of religion.

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He argued that this fusion of political beliefs and spiritual teachings might dilute Christianity’s core messages.



Moore suggested that substantial changes won’t arise from sweeping national actions. Instead, he proposed that the solution lies in local, community-driven initiatives.

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This localized approach could counteract the impact of political tribalism on Christianity.


Moore Is Used To Controversy

As the current editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Moore is no stranger to controversy.

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He openly criticized Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and has voiced concerns about how the Southern Baptist Convention addresses allegations of sexual abuse.


Upholding The Sanctity Of The Teachings

In an era where the boundaries between political ideologies and religious teachings are becoming increasingly blurred, Moore’s concerns serve as a reminder that the fundamental teachings of Christianity, centered on love, compassion, and humility, should remain untainted by contemporary politics.

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It’s the responsibility of religious leaders and congregations to uphold the sanctity of these teachings.


People Are Divided

Moore’s statements have resonated across the internet, prompting varied reactions. Some emphasized the alignment of Jesus’ words with liberal values, while others doubted the gravity of Moore’s proclaimed crisis.


Some rejected religion altogether, advocating for spirituality over organized religion. This dialogue underscores the ongoing tension surrounding the intersection of faith and politics.