Diver Comes Face to Face With 23-Foot-Long Anaconda Underwater and Reacts Unexpectedly

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 06, 2023

In the heart of Brazil lies the Formoso River, a diver’s gem. Drawn by its allure, Bartolomeo Bove, a distinguished professional videographer and seasoned shark diver, embarked on a unique mission. 

His objective? To dive deep and come face-to-face with the elusive and magnificent green anaconda, a creature of myths and legends.

Typical Terrains of the Anaconda

Green anacondas are predominantly creatures of the murky depths, making their homes in swamps, marshes, and muddled streams across vast expanses of South America. 


Source: bartolomeobove/Instagram

However, the Formoso River breaks this mold, offering divers the incredible opportunity to witness these creatures in crystal-clear waters, making interactions more profound.


Partnership in the Depths

Bove was not alone in this daring underwater endeavor. He was joined by Juca Ygarape, a seasoned diver with a passion for the unknown. 


Source: Francisco Jesús Navarro Hernández/Unsplash

Their combined expertise and mutual respect for marine life ensured they ventured into the depths with both anticipation and caution.

A Momentous Discovery

Their persistence was rewarded with a breathtaking encounter. In the pristine waters, they crossed paths with a female anaconda of staggering proportions. 


Source: bartolomeobove/Instagram

Measuring a majestic 23 feet and weighing approximately 200 lbs, this creature was a testament to the mysteries that lie beneath the water’s surface.

Shattering Expectations

Contrary to the menacing reputation of anacondas, this creature displayed unexpected tranquility.


Source: bartolomeobove/Instagram

Bove recounted the surreal moment, describing the snake’s inquisitiveness as it approached, inspecting his camera with gentle curiosity and even affectionately licking the lens—a gesture out of sync with the tales of aggression.

A Glimpse Into the Anaconda Diet

As apex predators, anacondas have an eclectic diet encompassing everything from wild pigs, diverse birds, and capybaras, to intimidating jaguars and hard-shelled turtles. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

They employ a unique hunting technique: constricting their prey, rendering it motionless, and then feasting. Yet, the day’s encounter painted a different picture, hinting at their possible gentle disposition.


Reevaluating the Myths

Through this one-of-a-kind interaction, Bove seeks to challenge the widespread narratives surrounding these snakes.

Source: bartolomeobove/Instagram

His aim is clear: to highlight the complexities of these creatures and demonstrate that they are not just mindless predators but have multifaceted behaviors that deserve understanding and respect.


Bridging the Knowledge Gap

By documenting and sharing this remarkable journey, Bove aspires to foster a sense of respect for green anacondas. 

Source: Bofu Shaw/Unsplash

He hopes that by shedding light on their true nature, people will approach these giants with a balance of awe and understanding, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the majestic creatures of our planet.