Eric Trump Insisted His Family Wasn’t Enriched From His Father’s Presidency – ‘Nepotism Is A Kind Of Factor Of Life’

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Sep 24, 2023

Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, vehemently denied allegations of the Trump family enriching themselves during their White House tenure, making a surprising statement in response to recent accusations.

On Nepotism

Eric Trump acknowledged that his career had benefited significantly from his father’s influence, stating, “Nepotism is a kind of factor of life,” during an interview with Forbes.


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Contradictory Statement

In a recent video interview, Eric Trump challenged claims of enrichment against his family with a contradictory statement.


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"Didn't Enrich Themselves"

He asserted, “The only family in, probably, United States history that didn’t enrich themselves when they went into government is the Trump family.”


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Ethical Concerns

However, some observers recalled instances that appeared to contradict this assertion. They pointed to Ivanka Trump’s promotion of Goya black beans while holding an official role in the White House, which raised ethical concerns.


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A Further Examination

Nevertheless, in 2017, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, took on advisory positions within the administration.

Despite these roles being unpaid, a close examination by the U.S. ethics watchdog CREW uncovered significant earnings from external ventures for Ivanka and Jared Kushner throughout their White House tenure.

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External Ventures

The organization “Citizens for Ethics” provided concrete evidence, indicating that Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner accumulated approximately $2.2 billion through external ventures during their time in the White House.

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Dinner Meeting With China's President

One particularly contentious incident involving Ivanka Trump occurred when she obtained three Chinese trademarks on the very day she had a dinner meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping.

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Secret Service Protection

Another dispute arose regarding Eric Trump’s Secret Service protection, which was extended for an additional six months following his father’s presidency, and the costs for this extension burdened American taxpayers.

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The Internet Highlighted Eric Trump's Flaws

Online users took the opportunity to highlight the flaws in Eric Trump’s claims, intensifying the embarrassment.

One Twitter user, Gloria, questioned Eric Trump’s assessment, stating, “How stupid does Eric Trump think Democrats are? Trump and his family used the White House as a business for them to enrich themselves even more!”

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Gloria then shared an article alleging that Trump had overcharged the Secret Service by over $1.4 million during his presidency, which was paid for by taxpayers.


It's A Lie

Another Twitter user, Jo, got straight to the point and addressed the discrepancies, stating, “There’s a list in the many billions of reasons this is a lie,” referencing a Forbes article that detailed Trump’s $2.4 billion personal earnings during his White House tenure.

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Combing Through The Evidence

“Dig through everything—including property records, ethics disclosures, debt documents, and securities filings—and you’ll find about $2.4 billion of revenue from January 2017 to December 2020,” the article asserted.

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A Hopeless Attempt

The backlash against Eric Trump and the substantial evidence presented against his claims underscored what many saw as a hopeless attempt to mislead his audience.

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