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Retired NASA Astronaut Alleges Extraterrestrials Prevented the World From Falling Into Nuclear War

Source: Getty Images/ NASA

When we think about aliens, it’s hard not to think that they are out to destroy us. In our heads, aliens are super advanced life forms hell bent on Earth domination, or at least that’s what just about every major sci-fi movie has told us over the past century.

However, one former NASA astronaut claims that aliens are, in fact, the ones who prevented us from descending into nuclear war in the first place.

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The astronaut in question is Edgar Mitchell, who went to the Moon in 1971 as part of the Apollo 14 mission. Since his return, he’s been notorious for disseminating a wide range of conspiracy theories.

Mitchell was the sixth person in history to step foot on the Moon. He has spoken about the fact that aliens have visited Earth numerous times, and during an interview in 2016, he admitted his belief in the existence of aliens.


During the interview, which was with the Daily Mirror, he also put out the rambunctious claim that without aliens, the United States would have been in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union at the pinnacle of the Cold War.

He also discussed the New Mexico White Sands missile testing facility, noting that extraterrestrials were very interested in the fact that they were testing atomic weapons there. In essence, these aliens wanted to know about our capabilities regarding weaponry.

“In conversations that I had with people from the intelligence and military community, I found out that these aliens were trying to keep us from nuclear war in order to protect the Earth,” said Mitchell.

In 1945, the very first atomic bomb was detonated at the White Sands Missile Range. Mitchell noted that officers from the site told him that aliens were disabling in-flight missiles in the area.

With claims like this, especially from a well-respected man like Mitchell, it was hard for the UFO community not to take notice. UFO expert Nigel Watson told the IFL Science publication that this was “another case of speculations and fantasies regarding UFOs.”

Another prominent figure who addressed Mitchell’s claims was Nick Pope, the former higher up in the British Defense Ministry who made many investigations into UFOs.


“While I have plenty of respect for Edgar and have been honored to meet him, most of the information he dispels comes from second-hand experiences. Sure, he may have had access to military and government documents, though he never reveals any of his sources so it’s hard to be certain about his claims.”

Mitchell is not alone in his theories, as many others have put out their own allegations that aliens purposefully neutralize nuclear weapons. 

Former US Air Force lieutenant, Bob Jacobs, had an interview with Larry King in 2008. During the interview, he noted that he was working on the nuclear missile tests during the 1960s, when he saw a huge object appear out of the sky. After, he was instructed by some of the higher-ups never to speak to anyone about the incident again. 


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