Green “Energy Transition” Not Underway, Despite China and India’s Claims

By: Carissa | Last updated: Sep 23, 2023

The promise of renewable energy has been dangled in front of society for decades. Despite being constantly reassured by China and India that the world will no longer run on fossil fuel, it has become abundantly clear that there is no foreseeable “energy transition.”

Many believe that China and India have been pleading their commitment to clean and green energy under false pretenses, and there has been plenty of proof to back up that theory.

An Investigation Takes a Deeper Look Into the Ongoing Issue

Investigative reporter David Blackmon recently interviewed Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman of S&P Global and author of The Prize and The New Map, regarding the complexities of completing an energy transition among various nations.


Source: China Resource Risks

Countries such as China and India are in different economic and societal standing than the United States, which proves to be problematic when trying to convert to renewable energy across the globe.

New Study Probes Into the Supposed “Energy Transition”

S&P Global partnered with the International Energy Forum for a study called, “Shaping a Living Roadmap for Energy Transition.” Yergin explained the importance of going green especially since Russia, the second-largest global gas exporter, has been at war with Ukraine.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

“The last two years have demonstrated that it is more complicated and indeed more challenging than just drawing a scenario and putting numbers on it and saying this is how it would happen,” he said.

China and India Have Their Own Renewable Energy Goals

China is still considered a “developing nation” even though it has the world’s second-largest economy. The country has no problem watching the economy of other nations plummet in order to reach its goal of going net-zero by the year 2060.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

As for India, the world’s most heavily populated country claims to be committed to going green by 2070, leaving several decades in the way of a global society with renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Will Take Real Time and Effort

Politicians and the media have pushed a narrative that an “energy transition” will suddenly diminish the use of fossil fuels, but that’s simply not the case.


Source: Microgrid Media

The worldwide goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is virtually impossible at the rate things are going. The amount of time it will take to reduce fossil fuels is entirely determined by real world events, not by a random date that is perpetually promoted by those with a separate agenda.