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Greta Gerwig and the ‘Barbie’ Movie Stars Share Shocking Childhood Secrets about Their Dolls

Source: IGN India

From its inception, Barbie movies have always had a dedicated fan base, particularly among young girls who admire Barbie as a character and enjoy her magical adventures. Now, fans worldwide can’t get over their excitement and anticipation for the latest 2023 “Barbie” movie, starring Greta Gerwig as “Barbie” and Ryan Gosling as “Ken.”

The iconic Mattel doll is leaving her Dreamhouse and making her debut in a live-action movie on the big screen. This is a big change for Barbie, who has appeared in many animated movies, and fans are going wild for it. 

Micheal Cera, who played Allan Doll in the movie, was in awe of the hype from fans. He said, “I’ve never personally been involved in a project that had so much attention before we even finished making it or started making it.”

For most fans and lovers of Barbie, it was like a special tradition or milestone in their childhood to have fun and sometimes be a little rough or mischievous with Barbie. Many would cut Barbie’s hair, draw on her with crayons, or even make her a part of wild and crazy adventures. And yes, you guessed right, the latest Barbie casts were not also careful with their Barbie dolls while growing up.

While speaking to reporters during the “Barbie” movie premiere in Los Angeles, 36year old co-director and writer of the movie– Greta Gerwig and other cast members confessed to wreaking havoc on their Barbie dolls when they were kids.

While walking the pink carpet, Greta mentioned that she was not really a fan of her doll’s long blond locks, so she always took it upon herself to revamp the hair. She said most of her mischief was “hair-related.” 

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According to her, she tried to curl her doll’s hair with a curling iron, which resulted in an epic failure.  “First, you start by taking the braid out, then you brush it out, then you see if you can curl it with a curling iron − you can’t, it melts − and then you cut it all off,” she says, adding that doing so “ruined the curling iron.”

Another cast who played a Barbie, Alexandra Shipp, also admitted to burning her doll’s hair “just to see what it would do”. On the other hand, Hari Nef, who played a different Barbie, confessed to the morbid things she did to her dolls. 

Instead of physically harming the fragile toys, the 30-year-old model and actress mentioned that she would rather inflict emotional difficulties on them. “I didn’t really mutilate them physically, but I engaged them interpersonally in some really messed up psychodramas, like adultery and theft and scamming and crime,” The Idol star revealed. My Barbies were not well-behaved, but they looked amazing.”

Regardless, the live-action movie has generated a lot of excitement among fans, and many can’t wait to see their favorite movie stars take up these exciting characters. The much-anticipated movie will be released in theaters on Thursday, July 20th, in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Written By Giovana

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