Hundreds of Whales Brutally Slaughtered as Cruise Ship Passengers Watch on in Horror

By: Kate | Last updated: Aug 18, 2023

A cruise line has been forced to apologize to 1,000 unsuspecting passengers who witnessed a brutal whale hunt in the Faroe Islands recently.

Apparently, a whale hunt was happening at the same moment that the cruise ship was arriving at the port. The timing was a massive accident but the cruise ship passengers were left horrified. How did this happen?

‘It Was a Massacre’

The cruise ship Ambition drove straight into the gruesome scene by complete accident. There were a total of 78 pilot whales slaughtered in the port. These animals are technically the largest members of the dolphin family.


Source: Blueworld/ Youtube

In 2021, the Island came under fire for the killing of more than 1,400 dolphins. At that time, the Faroese Whalers Association claimed it was accidental. In 2023 alone, The Faroe Islands have killed 646 whales, including the 78 that the Ambition witnessed.


Regular Whale Hunts

Unfortunately, whale hunts are not uncommon in this area. The cruise line made clear that they “strongly object to this outdated practice” and work with the ORCA charity which aims to protect whales from hunts such as these.


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However, the Faroe Islands have made their stance clear on the practice of whale hunting. This and other places have eaten pilot whale meat for centuries and the government has no plan to stop.

The Cruise Line’s Apology

The Ambassador of the cruise line explained that they are dedicated to sustainability and do not agree with the whale-hunting practice. They issued a formal apology to the hundreds of passengers who had to witness the gruesome scene.


Source: Reddit

The Ambassador stated, “Witnessing this local event would have been distressing for the majority of guests onboard. Accordingly, we would like to sincerely apologize to them for any undue upset”.

Whaling is Threatening The Species

The pilot whale species is threatened due to whaling activity. These animals live to be 35-60 years in the wild but human practices are killing them off before they live full lives.


Source: Youtube

Whaling, misplaced fishing gear, disease, and contamination in the waters have all lent themselves to decreased whale populations in the oceans. However, the Faroese government maintains its stance that the whaling practices are perfectly sustainable.