Mike Johnson Once Said Democracy Was Dangerous, Now He’s the Speaker of the House

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

House Speaker Mike Johnson has sparked a conversation with the sudden disappearance of his podcast and church sermons from the internet. 

Although attempts to remove his previous online content were made, some remnants of his digital footprint, including social media posts and sermons, are still accessible, giving insight into his beliefs and political stance.

Searching for Johnson's Online History

The abrupt vanishing of Mike Johnson’s online content has led to a search for remaining evidence of his public communications. 

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Despite the effort to erase his digital trail, some of his past sermons and social media interactions persist, providing a window into his ideologies and past public statements.

Johnson's View on Majority Rule

In a sermon delivered in 2019, House Speaker Mike Johnson shared his perspective on democracy, likening it to two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. 

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This analogy was used to express his viewpoint that a majority rule is not always desirable or beneficial, reflecting his interpretation of democratic principles.

Social Services and the Role of the Church According to Johnson

Mike Johnson has publicly expressed his belief that social services should be provided by the church, not the government.

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He recalled a time in South America where the Catholic Church played a significant role in providing welfare services, which he views as a better model than government-led social care.

Church's Retreat from Social Responsibility

During a visit to South America, Johnson observed a shift from church-led social services to those provided by civil government. 

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He sees this as an unfavorable development, emphasizing his belief that the church should be the primary provider of such care.

Johnson’s Stance on Immigration and Assimilation

Johnson has spoken out about the immigration crisis, attributing it to a lack of assimilation to the rule of law by refugees. 

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He suggests that the crisis stems from a failure to adhere to Christian faith and the legal process required for citizenship, without acknowledging the complexity of the immigration system.


The Complex Path to U.S. Citizenship

The Louisiana congressman has pointed to the immigration system’s challenges, emphasizing that the process of becoming a U.S. citizen is complicated, lengthy, and costly. 

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He believes that these challenges contribute to the immigration crisis, as they impede the assimilation process.


Christian Faith and Legal Systems

Johnson has linked the immigration crisis to a departure from Christian values and a disregard for the rule of law. 

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He asserts that this combination threatens the integrity of the nation’s immigration system and its founding principles.


America's Immigration Heritage and Current Challenges

Acknowledging America’s history as a nation built by immigrants, Johnson warns of the dangers of undermining the rule of law. 

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He sees this as a critical issue that could potentially destabilize the nation’s historical commitment to welcoming immigrants.


House Speaker Election

After a tumultuous series of events and multiple rounds of voting among House Republicans, Mike Johnson as unanimously elected as House Speaker. 

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This resolution followed a period of uncertainty and unsuccessful attempts to elect other prominent members of the party.


The Political Struggle for Leadership

The election of the House Speaker was marked by intense competition among leading party members. 

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Johnson’s rise to the position was the culmination of 22 days of deliberations and votes, highlighting the internal dynamics and challenges faced by the party.


Reflecting on Mike Johnson's Political Trajectory

As we conclude, House Speaker Mike Johnson’s ascent to leadership after significant political maneuvering comes into focus. 

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His public statements and actions will likely continue to influence discussions as his term progresses, shaping the future of his tenure in American politics.