Pope Francis Takes A Stand Against ‘Predatory Industries’ – Urges People To Follow Science

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Oct 25, 2023

In May, Pope Francis issued a call to repent for “ecological sins” and halt the pollution wreaking havoc on Earth’s climate, as reported by Reuters.

September 1st

On September 1st, the Catholic Church observes its World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, a tradition where the Pope typically releases a message tied to the event. This year’s message, unveiled on May 25th, is available on the Vatican website.


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The Current State Of The Environment

In this message, Pope Francis unequivocally declared that the current state of the environment is both unjust and unacceptable.


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Ending Environmental And Climate Injustice

“Let us heed our call to stand with the victims of environmental and climate injustice, and to put an end to the senseless war against creation,” he emphasized.


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Oil, Gas, And Greed

Pope Francis specifically identified the utilization of polluting energy sources like oil and gas as the primary catalyst of climate issues, attributing greed as the driving force behind these destructive fuel choices.


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Detrimental Impacts To The Environment

“The unrestrained burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests are pushing temperatures higher and leading to massive droughts,” he stated, underscoring how water shortages are impacting rural areas and metropolises alike.

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"Predatory Industries"

Furthermore, he drew attention to “predatory industries are depleting and polluting our freshwater sources through extreme practices such as fracking for oil and gas extraction, unchecked mega-mining projects, and intensive animal farming.”

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Actionable Steps

Pope Francis outlined actionable steps for both individuals and governments to rectify the global climate situation.

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Urging Us To Change Our Ways

For individuals, he urged, “Let us adopt lifestyles marked by less waste and unnecessary consumption, especially where the processes of production are toxic and unsustainable.”

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He also encouraged the adoption of “positive choices,” including “using resources with moderation and a joyful sobriety, disposing and recycling waste, and making greater use of available products and services that are environmentally and socially responsible.”


The Responsibility Of Politicians

His directive to politicians was even more explicit. “The world leaders who will gather for the COP28 summit in Dubai from [November 30 to December 12] next must listen to science and institute a rapid and equitable transition to end the era of fossil fuel,” he insisted.

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No More Expansion Of Oil And Gas Industries

Pope Francis emphasized that to adhere to the goals of the Paris Agreement—a global treaty aimed at curbing further warming of the planet—it is illogical to continue expanding the oil and gas industries, which emit heat-trapping air pollutants.

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A Resonating Message

Given the global influence of the Catholic Church, this message has the potential to resonate widely and bring about substantial environmental benefits on a global scale.

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