Putin Wins in Landslide ‘Pseudo-Election’ then Slams US Democracy

By: Ronda Fuller | Published: Mar 18, 2024

Guess who’s back? Back again? That’s right, Russia’s favorite (and only) candidate won a 5th term as president in a “landslide” victory against… nobody.

Putin’s 5th term will put him just behind Dictator Joseph Stalin as longest tenured Kremlin leader.

More of the Same?

Experts expect Putin to continue to do what he’s done of late; bring conflict and brutality to those at home and abroad.


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Putin’s victory included a reported 87% of the vote, he feels indicates an overwhelming majority of support at home. Experts are dubious that those in the west will agree to the voracity of these numbers.

A "Pseudo-Election"?

Germany has referred to the proceedings as a “pseudo-election’ with officials throughout the western world condemning the circumstances surrounding it.

Putin Wins 5th term

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Putin was quite proud of his results, championing the process as “transparent” unlike the “US with Mail in voting… you can buy a vote…”

Warnings of Full Scale World War

Putin wasted no time adding more threats to his resume, making it clear that conflict between Russia and the West is possible, and perhaps “one step away.”

World War 3

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His 87% of the vote, whether you believe it or not, is seen internally as a mandate for his action and style of leadership.

Putin and Trump's Unholy Bond

US intelligence officials fear a potential second term for disgraced former President Donald Trump given Putin’s continued power, and Trump’s long fascination with him.

Donald Trump Loves Putin

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The threat to US interests and security are severe in an outcome that lands both Putin and Trump back in power.