Should America Get Rid Of Biden For Good?

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Oct 23, 2023

The United States is grappling with unprecedented challenges under the Biden administration, casting doubt on whether Americans are genuinely better off.

Trillions Of Dollars

In the aftermath of COVID relief, aid to Ukraine, and various social spending initiatives, President Biden has injected trillions into the economy, resulting in a disturbing surge in inflation.


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A Distressing Issue

This economic turmoil is wreaking havoc on small businesses and causing distress among struggling families, leading to increased poverty, significant job losses, rising mental health issues, and more.


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Mass Immigration Invasion

Compounding these issues, the U.S. immigration system has been severely strained under Biden, with General Michael Flynn characterizing it as a “mass invasion” spiraling out of control.


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2022 Saw A Huge Rise In Illegal Immigration

Last year, the U.S. witnessed the highest-ever recorded number of illegal immigrants at the southern border, marking a 200% increase from the final year of former President Donald Trump’s tenure.


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Highest-Recorded Number Of Illegal Immigrants Under Biden

Under Trump, illegal immigration had reached its lowest rate in over four decades. However, under Biden’s leadership, the nation has witnessed the highest rate of illegal immigration in over six decades.

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Terminating The "Remain In Mexico" Policy

Biden notably terminated Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, which required foreign nationals seeking entry to the U.S. through the southern border to await their legal cases in Mexico, whether entering illegally or without proper documentation.

This policy change sent a signal that the border was open to all, even those without proper documentation.

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New COVID-19 Variant

As we approach the upcoming election year, a new COVID-19 variant, BA.2.86, has emerged, prompting President Biden and left-leaning Democrats to prepare for booster shot programs.

Simultaneously, businesses and schools are reintroducing mask mandates, with some companies and institutions enforcing stringent coronavirus-related policies.

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Skepticism Over Biden's Approach

Many Americans are increasingly skeptical of Biden’s approach to combating a COVID-19 surge, with declining support for vaccines and booster shots. Biden’s declaration that the pandemic was “over” in September 2022 is perceived as hypocritical and has eroded trust among Americans.

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Concerns About Vaccine Safety

Despite official assurances of vaccine safety and effectiveness, a significant portion of the population remains concerned about vaccine safety, with 40% expressing concerns in March 2023.

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Declining Vaccination Rates

Vaccination rates have also declined, dropping from 60% of adults receiving at least one dose in January 2022 to 55% in March 2023. Furthermore, more Americans are scrutinizing the financial incentives and excessive profits of pharmaceutical corporations with monopolies on COVID vaccines.

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Annual Injections

Pfizer, for instance, reported record-breaking revenue in 2022, with CEO Albert Bourla promising a “perfectly normal life” through annual injections.

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Bourla Tested Positive Despite Receiving Multiple Doses

Despite receiving four doses of his company’s vaccine, Bourla himself tested positive for COVID in August 2022. During the pandemic-induced economic shutdowns, the U.S. experienced its most significant annual economic decline since the Great Depression, with a 3.5% contraction in 2020 alone.

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The Pandemic Led To A National Crisis

This crisis led to widespread job losses, business closures, and increased poverty, disproportionately impacting low-income and minority workers. Small businesses, crucial to the U.S. economy, suffered immense losses, with many forced to shutter permanently.

Lockdowns also took a toll on mental health, resulting in higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

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Protecting Fundamental Freedoms

Given these dire consequences, Americans must safeguard their fundamental freedoms and resist any further encroachments on their liberties by the Biden administration and its Democratic allies.

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