Hilarious Signs That are Too Literal

By: Isabel Villegas | Last updated: Nov 17, 2023

In general, signs serve to guide, inform, or warn, but some go far beyond their objective and sometimes lead to a wrong interpretation by their reader or make you laugh out loud.

Amusing, illogical, or full of errors, the signs displayed in these places entertain customers and Internet users. Check it out!

No More Nudes!

If you need new clothes, you have a place to update your wardrobe. It seems that this town in Spain specializes in selling shorts and pants of all kinds to suit the most varied tastes. It’s a pleasant surprise to drive along the road and come across gas stations, but also a town that proclaims to the world that it sells pants.


Source: manner.biz

Fashion is the main activity of the region, and the advertisement is on the city’s road to attract travelers from all over. The citizens of this town have had no problem advertising themselves on a roadside sign as if it were the name of the town itself.


Home Delivery Service

Nowadays, we are used to having everything delivered to our homes. These painters wanted to join the delivery trend. Undoubtedly, home delivery is a convenience in the daily life of any person, but difficult to imagine that some services are done remotely.


Source: logratis.es

In this case, the painter makes it clear that he travels to the location to do the painting. What a relief it is to not carry the house with him, paint it somewhere else, and then have to return it to the owner. Certainly, if it were like that, he would need more than just a simple paintbrush… Perhaps he would have to call a moving company.

Important Alert

As the saying goes, ‘forewarned is forearmed,’ and this saying has been taken literally. Certainly, when it comes to safety, it is never too much to warn about existing dangers and risks that may occur in that situation… and even if it seems very obvious, it may not be so obvious to others.


Source: solosanteelpeligro.com

For this reason, on these train tracks, the authorities have not hesitated to warn the neighbors of the existing danger of this place. As it is something so logical, the truth is that it sounds very funny to anyone who passes by, although it remains a great truth.

Divine Protection

Nature is something sacred, and whoever placed this sign warns that not only an authority or a camera can catch you red-handed. This sign in the bushes aims to protect nature, but it is also a warning for those who intend to steal plants in this garden, as what they do is a sin.


Source: espacio360.pe

Be careful with anyone who wants to destroy something God has provided us with! Because the vandals will not go unpunished, justice will be served, and this case can be judged in the courts of heaven! God sees everything.

Generalized Crisis

Generally, in a globalized world, crises affect everyone in one way or another. If the economic situation is bad for you, don’t worry, because it seems that you are not alone; this is a generalized crisis that affects everyone in the country. Misery loves company.

Source: ohdios.net

This sign makes it clear and uses all personal pronouns to indicate that no one is exempt. At least, this is the news published on the poster in the photo. In case of doubt about the truthfulness of these studies, it is best to save money because no one can grant you a loan. After all, everyone is in the same boat.



That Spanish is spoken in various countries is clear, but saying there are various languages of the same language is somewhat peculiar. We agree that a person who speaks several languages is truly a differentiator for the job market and greatly facilitates travelers everywhere in the world, but…

Source: taringa.net

The person reading this sign cannot understand what it means because speaking a language in multiple languages is at least a play on words that could confuse anyone.


Strategic Marketing

To successfully beat the competition and gain customers, we know that advertising is essential for any business. This gym has adopted a strategy focused on boosting people’s self-esteem to attract new clients.

Source: Twitter

Some things in life cannot be easily solved, especially those inherent to us. We may be able to hide something we don’t like about ourselves, but sometimes it’s difficult to change. The owner of this gym understands this and therefore appeals to partial resignation. Since it won’t be possible to solve everything, at least those who enroll in the gym can lose some weight on the scale.


Funny Invitation

It is clear that we all depend on each other, and the owner of this restaurant wanted to reflect that. Sincerely and humorously, the owner of this establishment wanted to attract the attention of pedestrians intelligently. What is written makes total sense and will also bring smiles to the faces of those who read it.

Source: Facebook

We will only know if the food is good once we enter to try it, but one thing we can be sure of is that the atmosphere inside the restaurant is fun with all the creativity that the owner seems to have. Moreover, when you enter, you already know that you are not only being fed but are also feeding others.


Travelers Warning

Preserving the environment is a good action, and taking care of nature is a necessity. Not making a fire can prevent a fire, but…

Source: blipea.com

Prohibiting camping at the bottom of the lake may seem unnecessary, except for those who can sleep submerged in the water like fish. There are people who like eccentricities, but it is hard to imagine a camping tent anchored at the bottom of the sea, with all the people wearing their oxygen masks and snorkeling while surrounded by the beautiful aquatic scenery.


What Part Don't You Understand?

This sign doesn’t seem to have been written delicately, but rather with all the honesty and frustration of the person who wrote it. Apparently, people are not respecting the “no parking” sign, and the person who put up the sign is losing patience.

Source: taringa.net

Do you dare to challenge this order and stop your car in that place? If you have any questions, come in and ask for an explanation of what it means. To avoid taking risks, it is better to respect them because you never know what you might find inside. Love and affection are certainly not inside.


Redundant Commerce

To ensure that customers do not doubt the service offered, this merchant decided to explain that the photocopies made there are identical. So anyone looking for something different, this is not the most suitable place.

Source: taringa.net

Whatever the reason, the truth is that this writing attracts the attention of anyone who passes by and can be an excellent marketing strategy for this business.