Their Submarine Got Caught in a Trap Intended for British Subs – Authorities Fear 55 Chinese Sailors Are Dead

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Oct 23, 2023

A secret report was recently leaked stating that a Chinese submarine sank in the Yellow Sea, killing 55 sailors inside.

While Chinese President Xi Jinping refused to admit the submarine was missing, let alone sunk to the bottom of the sea, the UK report is quite sure that’s exactly what happened.

What the UK Report Says About the Submarine

The secret UK report of the Chinese submarine stated, “Intelligence reports that on 21st of August there was an onboard accident whilst carrying out a mission in the Yellow Sea.”


Source: Guang Niu/Pool/Getty Images

And continued, “[the] Incident happened at 08.12 local resulting in the death of 55 crew members: 22 officers, 7 officer cadets, 9 petty officers, 17 sailors. Dead include the captain Colonel Xue Yong-Peng.”


What Happened Down There?

The report goes on to explain what the UK believes happened in the now-missing submarine: “The submarine hit a chain and anchor obstacle used by the Chinese Navy to trap US and allied submarines.


Source: Guang Niu/Pool/Getty Images

“This resulted in systems failures that took six hours to repair and surface the vessel. The onboard oxygen system poisoned the crew after a catastrophic failure.”

What Happens When Submarines Malfunction?

It’s important to understand that submarines have several secondary and emergency systems in place in case the oxygen systems fail.


Source: Ole Jensen-Corbis/Getty Images

One submariner explained what could have happened this time: “If they were trapped on the net system and the submarine’s batteries were running flat (plausible) then eventually the air purifiers and air treatment systems could have failed.”

Don’t Submarines Have Oxygen Tanks?

The British submariner also explained, “We have [a] kit which absorbs CO2 and generates oxygen in such a situation. It is probable that other nations do not have this kind of tech.”


Source: Smith Collection/Getty Images

However, at this time, the general public has not been made aware of whether or not this particular submarine had this technology.

China Denies the Submarine’s Existence

What’s especially interesting about this report is that China has completely denied the fact that they are missing a submarine or that they believe it has sunk and killed 55 sailors, stating these claims are “completely false.”

Source: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

One British submariner explained, “I doubt the Chinese would have asked for international support for obvious reasons.”


Chinese Submarine Was Brought Down by Chinese Traps

It’s important to understand that one of the reasons why China may not want to admit that the submarine truly sank is because if it did, it would really be their own fault as it ran into one of the “chain and anchors” traps the government put in place.

Source: Guang Niu/Pool/Getty Images

As well as being an embarrassing blunder if they were to admit what really happened, China also does not want the world to know where the traps are or how exactly they function, so they’re keeping their lips sealed.


The UK Is Quite Sure of Their Findings

Even though China and its President refuse to admit that they are missing a submarine with 55 sailors onboard, the UK is extremely sure of its theory.

Source: China Photos/Getty Images

They stated clearly in the report, “Our understanding is death caused by hypoxia due to a system fault on the submarine.”


Where Did the Chinese Submarine Sink?

The 351-foot Chinese Type 093 submarine supposedly sank on August 21st, off the shore of China’s Shandong Province in the Northeastern corner of the county.

Source: Wikipedia

This body of water is known as the Yellow Sea, and it sits between mainland China and the Korean peninsula.


How Did the UK Know Where the Submarine Sank?

Now, here’s where the story gets even more interesting: Although China officially denies even the existence of the submarine, some Chinese nationals have reported that the government leaders believe the UK was illegally tracking the submarine.

Source: Feng Li/Getty Images

Which, of course, would be one way to explain how on Earth the UK has such specific details as to the time and place of the submarine when it sank.


Rumors Say UK Spies Were Using an Apple Watch

While many say that Beijing officials are simply being paranoid, others argue that UK spies actually bugged one of the sailor’s Apple smart-watches in order to track where the submarine was headed.

Source: Finnbar Webster/Getty Images

The UK Ministry of Defense has refused to answer any questions about the supposed Apple Watch infiltration, so for now, it’s just a rumor.


Who Is Really at Fault for These 55 Deaths?

With China’s refusal to comment on this situation and the UK Ministry of Defense’s lack of transparency when it comes to how they got this information, there are really more questions than there are answers as to what happened to these 55 sailors and their giant submarine.

Source: Feng Li/Getty Images

Though the world is certainly waiting and watching to find out just which of these rumors are true and which are nothing but heresy.