These Types of Republicans Are The Biggest Red Flag, According To This Survey

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

Change Research performed a recent survey revealing intriguing insights into the preferences and deal-breakers among 18 to 34-year-old American men and women. The survey, encompassing 1,033 participants, delved into red flags, beige flags, and green flags.

Trump Supporters Are A Turn-Off

A notable divide emerged regarding political beliefs, with a significant contrast between men and women. For 76% of the women surveyed, support for MAGA ideals, championed by former President Donald Trump, was a major turn-off.


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The Biggest Dealbreaker

Conversely, 64% of men found identifying as a communist the biggest dealbreaker. Additionally, 59% of men indicated that pro-Trump beliefs were unattractive in a partner.


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On The Topic Of Gender Identity

Gender identity also surfaced as a divisive topic. 54% of women expressed their disinterest in individuals believing in only two genders, while only 34% of men agreed.


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Entertainment Preferences

Disparities regarding entertainment choices were evident. 55% of women revealed that they would not date a person who listens to the Joe Rogan podcast, even though its audience is mostly male.

Conversely, just over a third of men felt similarly about the podcast choices of their possible partners.


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Hobbies Are Crucial

Both men and women believe that hobbies are an important element of a partner’s appeal, with a resounding 66% of women considering having no hobbies a red flag.

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No Astrology

Meanwhile, 60% of men shared this viewpoint. Nevertheless, astrology proved to be a deterrent for 41% of men, emphasizing the significance of choosing one’s interests carefully.

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Social Justice Disparities

Gender disparities in perspectives on social justice were evident. For instance, expressions like “All Lives Matter” proved to be a deal-breaker for 60% of women, while only 41% of men held this perspective.

In contrast, the statement “Black Lives Matter” was a deterrent for 33% of men but a favorable indicator for 60% of women.

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Seeing Vs. Not Seeing The 'Barbie' Movie

Not surprisingly, 53% of women admitted that not watching Barbie was a turn-off, highlighting the significance of seemingly obscure factors in influencing attraction.

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Being Financially Savvy

Despite differences, both genders agreed on some attractive qualities. Reading was considered attractive by 95% of women and 91% of men.

Additionally, financially savvy partners were valued, with 88% of women and 85% of men appreciating those who researched the best deals before making purchases.

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Modern Dating Dynamics

The survey provided an intriguing look into the varied preferences and non-negotiables among young adults in the United States.

Though there are some areas of agreement, substantial differences in political ideologies, entertainment preferences, and social perspectives underscore the intricacies of contemporary dating dynamics.

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"Too Extreme"

The survey results sparked discussions across the internet. Regarding the findings about MAGA Republicans, one individual commented, “As a Republican, I don’t even get along with MAGA, and I have many MAGA friends and colleagues. They are too extreme for me.”

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Trump Rally Attendee

Another participant mentioned a woman’s enthusiasm for a Trump rally parade and how it affected their perception.

They said, “When I first heard a grown woman say she regretted missing a Trump rally parade, I thought she was joking. Attractive woman but I lost any shred of respect for her. Worse than if she had been a chain smoker. That bad.”

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