Prominent Evangelical Leader Warns That Christianity is in Danger- ‘Jesus is Weak’

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Nov 07, 2023

Evangelical leader and editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Russell Moore, has expressed his serious concern about today’s “Christians.”

Moore claims that Christianity is facing a real crisis as people are questioning Jesus’ words, which, in his opinion, means they aren’t really Christians. 

Moore Believes Christians Have Become Too Political

In a recent announcement, Russel Moore explained that Christians today are applying their political views to Jesus’ teachings and are ignoring his instructions. 

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Moore explained that in recent conversations with pastors, he found out that many so-called Christians have been dismissing Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount, calling the Son of God’s words “weak.”

So, What Did Jesus Say at the Sermon on the Mount?

Before understanding the current debate, it’s critical to know exactly what Jesus said in his famous Sermon on the Mount. 

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In this sermon, explained in the Book of Matthew, chapter five, Jesus gave his followers specific instructions to essentially be merciful and kind and “let your light shine” on those who are meek, persecuted, and poor in spirit. 

The Sermon on the Mount Debate

The general idea of what many consider to be one of Jesus’ most important teachings is that all humans, no matter their life or station, deserve kindness and grace and that his followers are being asked by God to do exactly that. 

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However, now, some Christians are arguing that the Sermon on the Mount was a sign of weakness and they are choosing to ignore some of the words Jesus spoke that day. 

For Centuries, Christianity Has Focused on Love and Forgiveness

Since Jesus’ words and actions were first written in the Bible, Christians from around the world have taken his lessons based on love and forgiveness and lived their lives accordingly. 

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But now, Russel Moore is arguing that many have forgotten those true and vitally important aspects of Christ’s teachings. Instead, too many are leaning more toward bigotry, mercilessness, and disrespect toward their fellow man.

Pastors Cannot Seem to Make Their Congregations Understand

The pastors that Moore spoke to reported that these days, when they teach the Sermon on the Mount or various other lessons from Jesus, their congregations respond with, “Yes, but that doesn’t work anymore. That’s weak.”

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The pastors cannot quite get them to understand that they are literally “quoting Jesus Christ” and that his words should not be mocked or ignored for any reason. 


Mixing Religion and Politics

Moore believes that the problem lies with Christians convoluting their political views with their religious beliefs. 

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Jesus’ words of kindness toward certain groups of people are being labeled as “liberal talking points,” and those who consider themselves conservatives want nothing to do with liberal ideas. 


Donald Trump: To Some, the Savior; To Others, the Antichrist

Moore also believes that the new divide among Christians certainly became more extreme when Donald Trump became president. 

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During Trump’s candidacy and presidency, of course, many Americans absolutely hated him and some even thought he was the antichrist. However, many in the evangelical community believed he was the politician they had been waiting for. 


Trump’s Policies Excited Many Christians

Because many of Trump’s policies aligned with the religious beliefs of evangelists Christians, they started seeing him as a savior and closely followed his teachings accordingly. 

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However, Trump argues that while some of his policies stem from his Christian values, much of what he said and did in office is not what Jesus would have taught. 


Evangelists Now Leaning Toward Trump and Away From Jesus

Moore worries that those who follow Trump’s teachings more than they do those of Jesus are truly in trouble. 

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He has said that by aligning with the far right in politics, many Christians have completely forgotten Jesus’ instruction of practicing kindness, mercy, and open-heartedness.


Faith and Politics Struggle to Align

For many people in the United States, faith and politics go hand in hand. They vote based on the religious affiliation of the candidate or how well the candidate’s policies align with their devout beliefs. 

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But Moore argues that now, many are doing the opposite and using their politics to rule their religion instead of the other way around. 


Moore Believes ‘We’re in a Crisis’

On his platform, Christianity Today, Russel Moore clearly explained his position. 

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He said, “When we get to the point where the teachings of Jesus himself are seen as subversive to us, then we’re in a crisis.”


These Are Jesus’ Words

Many Christians from around the world absolutely agree with Ruseel Moore’s declaration. In fact, one commenter wrote, “They are not really Christians if they don’t like Jesus!”

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And another comment read, “Given how little they seem to care for Christ’s teachings, I think they should be referred to as Bible Fanatics from now on rather than Christians.”


Many Christians Think Russel Moore Couldn’t Be More Wrong

However, while there is certainly a great deal of support for Moore’s concern, others think he is decidedly wrong in his assertion. What’s more, they believe Moore and other religious leaders are the problem. 

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A user wrote, “The biggest problem is that Russell Moore and other leading evangelical voices ushered in the current state of American evangelicalism over the last decade(s), well before Trump.”


The Bottom Line for Morre: Jesus’ Words Are the One and Only Truth

For Moore, many pastors and preachers, and millions of Christians around the country and the world, there is only one bottom line: Jesus’ words are the one and only truth. 

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So, while people are, of course, allowed to choose their personal political preferences, all Christians should be aware that whatever Jesus said is true, strong, and absolutely correct above all else.